Spinrad, Norman Spinrad!

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Zilele astea, unul din scriitorii mei preferați de Science Fiction împlinește o frumoasă vârstă.

Happy Birthday Norman Spinrad! I wish you be happy, healthy and inspired many, many years from now on!

Whenever entering a new world, someone has to get in touch with the world in front of the door. Some don’t pay much attention to it, as they consider that world is unimportant for what they are to discover behind the door. They may be right but usually that world prepares us to properly see the other one. The door is important too. For me, opening the door, and being fully aware of it is as important as studying the new world.

That is why, whenever I begin a new quest on my own, I try to know as many as possible things about its roots. I believe that has to be done in order to see things with proper eyes, in proper light.

Thus, shapes become clearer, shadows better placed and the pleasure of discovering a new realm higher.

So I invite you to find out Who IS Norman Spinrad, by reading his blog – http://normanspinradatlarge.blogspot.com (or go to his facebook page), check out his autobiogrphy – whisch he made available for FREE, on scribd site….  and you’ll find everything about his struggle with ilness, with U.S. editors and U.S. publishing houses, or about his latest novel – Osama the Gun, or about his experiments with e-publishing/ self-publishing.

You’ll discover he’s a very resourceful man and , very inspired and passionate writer, a fresh person, both in mind and spirit, one of my favorite SF writers.

Happy birthday Norman Spinrad and may U be happy, healthy and inspired many, many years from now on!


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